Bond.Bet Docs

Introduction to Bond.Bet

What is Bond.Bet

Bond.Bet is a betting protocol and a no-loss gambling protocol. A lot of the technology will be plugged into other protocols like BarnBridge and PoolTogether (more collaborations are in the making). This means, most fees will flow back to those protocols or will exist at the user interface level. Since Bond.Bet doesn’t have a token, value should flow back to the BarnBridge DAO.

Longer term plans

We have bigger & longer term plans for Bond.Bet including no-loss tokenized sports bets, BTC/ETH futures bets, & tokenized money lines, and even hedging the bet line itself. We can use what we are building as BarnBridge for 90% of that.
In short, the bets act as “proofs of risk” where you can tranche out your risk position in the bet & re-sell it in a secondary market for tokenized risk. This is where the concept stemmed for bigger & longer term plans to “be your own bookie.” It takes it a step further though when you can bet on the bet line itself moving (as a hedge).
To start out, we have been working with Pool Together to integrate some of our offerings with the lowest hanging fruit. In starting, we wanted to create a no-loss $BOND lottery. Pool Together wanted to plug into BarnBridge for a fixed rate of no-loss lotteries on our main platform. We realized you could put their lottery tickets into our Smart Alpha products to divvy out risk, longer term. This is what composability looks like.
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